Glimpse Software is founded by Ognian Ivanov and Dimitar Atanasov. As friends from childhood through the years they continued to work on multiple creative projects and stories. Game design appeared to be the ultimate outlet for their abilities, as their mutual affinity for story writing, visuals and sound design finally could come to a bear on a single project. They are self-taught in programming and 3D modelings as these are necessary pre-requisites for any game creation. The goal of their efforts is not to just make a game with a beginning and an end, but to build a world that entices gamers with its completeness and details, to make them think and open a door to another dimension. Ultimately, the player will be the final judge if they have achieved their lofty objective. One thing is for sure – every waking hour for many months they have spent building the Turret Joe project, working out every aspect of the game, every 3D object, every sound, every game-play detail. Despite the hard work, they’ve had a blast bringing to you the mysterious and engaging world of Turret Joe.

Find more of our projects at: glimpsesoftware.com