In the year 2124, on the morning of April 16, an extraterrestrial civilization has invaded the Earth, taking down the military defense systems in a matter of hours. They’ve destroyed the power grid along with most means of long distance communications. Plunged into darkness and fear, the surviving citizens of the Earth have gone into hiding. Their battery-powered radio stations beam out messages of horror and panic. Six hours after the invasion started an unknown soldier infiltrated a highly classified military facility and takes over one of the turret towers that the world should never have known about. 

Designed in the 1960’s, the towers have been waiting in secret for this day to come. Their creators are long gone now, all scientists and soldiers, who worked on project “O” engineered those turrets as a hybrid of the most advanced military knowledge at the time and alien technology. Over the years, fallen into disrepair, the towers fell from grace; the warnings from the scientists were forgotten as was the memory of the most extraordinary military squad, The Hellhounds. 

Our hero calls himself Turret Joe, that’s all you need to know. All human hopes are in the hands of one man sitting on this throne of weapons and technology, a phoenix rising from the ashes of time to save the Earth, to open the Pandora’s Box of secrets. Resurrecting the past is the only hope for the future.